This is a list of bugs in OpenTitus that is not present in the original game. All bugs are found in the 0.7 release. If you can find a bug that's not on the list, feel free to add it!

OpenTitus fails to start at random on Dingux
Status: Not fixed

When riding skateboard into a wall, player doesn't move as the skateboard
(at the codelamp on level 6)
Status: Fixed 11.01.12 (player.c) (the slide animation bugfix magically squeezed this bug as well)

Missing the player-sliding animation. It should appear when riding the skateboard and on some other occasions such as slippery surfaces.
Status: Fixed 11.01.12 (player.c)

When falling down, especially a large distance, the scrolling is not very smooth. It is different in original.
Status: Fixed 11.01.12 (scroll.c)

When throwing the carpet, the carpet doesn't always open. (Not a bug - also happens in original)
Status: Not a bug

When bouncing on skateboard on other objects, player gets headache
(at the codelamp on level 6)
Status: Fixed 14.11.11 (objects.c)

Skeletons resets to spawn when spawn is on screen (level 5)
Status: Fixed 6.11.11 (enemies.c)

Guy walking throwing rocks gets stuck (3rd place on level 4)
Status: Fixed 6.11.11 (enemies.c)

Baby shooting right only is drawn wrong way (level 6)
Status: Fixed 1.11.11 (enemies.c)

Radio turns into a carpet
Status: Fixed 1.11.11 (objects.c)

Immortal objects (spike wagons) are not immortal
Status: Fixed 27.10.11 (enemies.c)

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